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CWCO How many times have you wanted to attend a writing conference but couldn't afford the time away from work, or didn't want to deal with the travel or the hotels? CWCO is the answer - an online conference with authors and editors representing the gamut of writing from a Catholic perspective. We'll also have pitch sessions for your chance to meet with editors and pitch your book. Every year, we have authors who leave our conference and go on to write and publish the books they'd only toyed with before attending. Several have come away with book contracts that launched their careers.

And this year, we are taking CWCO up a level.

To do that, however, we need to charge a small fee. Read on if you want to know the great value you’ll get for this $40 conference. If you’re ready to learn and grow, click here to register. (If you are a CWG member, contact us for the discount code first.)

We have compressed the presentations to a single, intense weekend. Rather than scattered single presentations, we will have a continuous stream of instruction, with half-hour breaks in between for questions and socializing.

In addition, we are hosting all workshops using the AnyMeeting webinar platform. This is a super-easy webinar system. All you need to do is click on the URL we provide in your reminder, log in with the name and password you create when you register, and you are ready to go! If you can watch YouTube videos and type in a chat room or message system, then you have all the skills necessary to attend a webinar. It's that easy.

We'll also have reminders for you before the seminars so that you don't miss the date.

As usual, we will have excellent presentations by some of the top Catholic authors and editors in the secular and Catholic publishing industry. Stay tuned for the list. This year, however, you'll get to meet them in a much more intimate setting than a text-based chat room or forum. You'll get to hear their voices, plus see slides, illustrations and even demonstrations to enhance your learning experience. There's even a feature on the software to let you take your own notes.

Beginning writer? Published veteran? This year, we're going to have targeted workshops for different skill levels. It's something people at our live conference requested for the next live conference, and we're providing it now.

As usual, we'll offer pitch sessions with some of the great editors in Catholic publishing, and we’re working to schedule some secular publishers and agents as well. These will be held the week after the conference so you can apply what you learn in the conference to make your pitch the best ever.

So…awesome new format. Same high quality of instruction taken higher with voice and visuals. Classes targeted at specific skill levels. More amazing chances to connect with editors to pitch your books. If this were a live conference, what would that be worth?

You can get all this and the freedom to attend in your pajamas for $40. (CWG Members get a 20% discount.)

Register now by clicking this link. (If you are a CWG member, contact us for the discount code first.)

Yes, in the past, the conference has been free, but we have several reasons for charging. We need to pay for the webinar software and want to give our excellent presenters a stipend for their time. Further, we've found in the past that while we have hundreds of people register, only a handful actually attend. It seems human nature to forget or disregard something that we haven't invested in, and we want to fill our webinars with excited, dedicated writers ready to get the most from what our great instructors offer.

But think about it: no planes, no taxis, no hotel rooms with hard beds and unreliable (or nonexistent) Internet. Just you and the computer. You can get up to get more coffee, go to the bathroom or tend to the squabble in the next room without fear of interrupting. And it's still a fraction of what a live conference would cost even without the travel expenses.

Join us! This is your year to shine!

Register now by clicking this link. (If you are a CWG member, contact us for the discount code first.)

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Catholic Writers Conference Online - March 4-6, 2016

CWCO The Catholic Writers Conference Online is happening in 2016!

The CWCO is a go for March 4-6, 2016. This will be an intense, one-weekend-only conference with authors and editors representing the gamut of writing and Catholicism. We'll also have pitch sessions for your chance to meet with editors and pitch your book. We have big changes this year, so please read on.

Tell Us What You Want – Survey Through August
During August, we are conducting a survey to find out the most desired topics so we can tailor the conference to your needs. If you’ve not filled it out, please follow this link. You’ll help make this experience better for everyone.

In September, we will open up registration. Follow this link, and we’ll let you know when it opens.

All new, easier format!

Instead of the chats and forums of the past, we are entering the 21st century with webinar software. We think this will be a terrific asset because not only will you be able to listen to our awesome speakers, you will get to see slideshow presentations, examples, even video as our presenters plan. The chat feature will be separate, so it’s not distracting from the presentation, and there will be set Q&A. Karina Fabian has been attending webinars for a couple of years now and presents herself and says this the experience will enhance everyone’s learning.

You won’t need to download anything, just register and click on the links. You’ll even get periodic reminders. We’re super-excited to be able to bring back this amazing conference in a format that will be easier and richer for everyone.

One Weekend Only – No Forums
Over the past few years, we’ve experimented with different scheduling, and have found the more we spread it out, the less participation we get. Forums the past two conferences were sparsely attended. Since our presenters are busy people, too, we’ve decided to concentrate on live presentations as opposed to homework-based forum classes and to compress everything into 3 days. So get those freezer meals ready and buy a good cushion for your chair because we’re going to have an intense weekend!

Nominal Registration Fee
This year, we will be charging a small fee. There are several reasons for this. First, we need to pay for the webinar software. Second, we’d like to give our coordinators and presenters a stipend. Finally, we have had hundreds of people register each conference, yet only a dozen show up for chats and even fewer for the forums, which isn’t fair for the presenters who put a lot of time into their lessons.

Most conferences run hundreds of dollars just for attendance. Single webinars can run $25 -$100. We’re thinking of charging $10 - $50 for the entire conference, but we want your opinion. What would you pay or can pay for a full writing conference by leaders in the Catholic writing world? Fill out the survey and let us know what you believe is a reasonable price.

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The Catholic Writers Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations for our organization and its conferences and activities are tax deductible.

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